CAHR is seeking nominations for general election of eight (8) Board Directors to take office for a two-year period commencing Spring 2017, including:

  • Clinical science (*current Board member may stand for re-election)
  • Epidemiology/public health
  • Social sciences (*current Board member may stand for re-election)
  • Basic sciences (*current Board member may stand for re-election)
  • Community (*current Board member may stand for re-election)
  • Treasurer (*current Board member may stand for re-election)
  • Secretary (*current Board member may stand for re-election)
  • President elect

CAHR encourages nominees from members: across the country; from different research approaches and diverse backgrounds; that are able to think conceptually; that have a long-term perspective; and that are able to welcome a diversity of opinions. CAHR also encourages nominations of candidates who have are committed to its mandate, have the time to serve the board and attend the CAHR conference, willingness to be a work collaboratively, have effective connections to to the HIV community and demonstrated leadership skills.

  • Board members would also benefit from having experience with governance, financial systems and management


Nomination Requirements

Any CAHR member in good standing is eligible to be nominated for the office of Director. For a nomination to be valid, the person must be nominated separately by at least two active voting CAHR members. (An active CAHR member is a person that has either paid for their membership directly or has purchased a registration for either the 2016 or 2017 CAHR Conference.) Nominations must include the nominee’s name, the position for which they are being nominated and full contact information for both the nominator and the nominee. Nominations must include a brief (250 word maximum) rationale for the nomination, a short biographical sketch, and a CV for the nominee.

Nominations may also be made and seconded from the floor at the AGM, provided that the consent of the nominee is obtained in advance.

Nominations for Director must be addressed to Terry Howard, CAHR Board Secretary, and be emailed to: by 17:00 ET March 8th, 2017.


Voting will take place by the membership attending the CAHR Annual General Meeting, which will take place on April 7th, 2016 at 6:30 pm at the Hotel Bonaventure Montréal. Please read below for more information on CAHR and its nomination process.

Board Composition

CAHR is governed by a Board of ten that includes: the president, past-president, president-elect, treasurer, secretary, a member representing each discipline (i.e., basic science; clinical science; epidemiology/public health; and social science) and a community representative. A full list of current Board members can be found at:


If you have any questions about the nominations process, please send an e-mail to