While HIV has been an important and familiar health and social crisis for two decades, less familiar is HCV (Hepatitis C) infection. These two viruses are similar in a number of ways, and infection with both poses a serious problem.

As people with HIV live longer, the complications from HCV and other co-infections have more time to develop. HCV complications (cirrhosis, liver cancer/disease) generally develop over 20-30 years and are among the leading non-AIDS causes of death in HIV co-infected individuals.

Treatment for each disease is complicated, expensive (HCV treatment is actually more expensive than HIV), and has side effects. This poses difficult issues for patients who are living with both HIV and HCV, and greatly impacts which treatments are selected.

In Ontario alone, HCV is estimated to infect 103,000 individuals with the majority of infections occurring in people who inject drugs. Unfortunately, this population is less likely to be engaged in HCV care or receive treatment.

Come share a lively discussion with people living with co-infection, health care providers, researchers and members of the community, so that we can identify and share ways to combat this co-infection in Canada!

Light refreshments will be served. The presentation will be provided in English only.

Drs. Curtis Cooper and Crystal Holly (Ottawa Hospital and Regional Hepatitis Program)
Colleen Price, Patient Advocate

The Canadian Association for HIV Research
The Canadian AIDS Society
Canadian Institutes of Health Research
The Canadian Society for International Health

WHEN: December 4th, 2014 – 6 p.m.

WHERE: Westboro Masonic Hall – 430 Churchill Ave., Ottawa

RSVP: This event is open to all. Space is limited, so please RSVP to: erin.love@cahr-acrv.ca

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