Established in 2001, the Red Ribbon Award is presented annually by CAHR for outstanding service to the cause of research in a way that has increased our understanding of the treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS, while enhancing the quality of life of those living with this disease.

The ideal nominee should possess the following qualities:

  • commitment to the involvement of affected communities in HIV research;
  • professional and/or volunteer service over several years to the cause of research;
  • strong voice in support and/or advocacy for the role of research in HIV prevention or treatment;
  • use of evidence in HIV prevention or treatment work, activities, publications etc.;
  • contribution in promoting excellence in HIV research;
  • collaboration and cooperation with HIV research communities;
  • engagement in ongoing dialogue and knowledge exchange between HIV research communities and the broader AIDS and PLWA community;
  • current or previous residence in Canada over several years; and
  • demonstration of these criteria in a primarily Canadian setting or in Canada and internationally.