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The 23rd Annual Canadian Conference on HIV/AIDS Research – CAHR 2014 – was held May 1-4, 2014 at the Delta St. John’s and St. John’s Convention Centre in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

With the 2014 theme of “Turning the Tide on HIV”, CAHR had a stellar program of world-renowned speakers, allowing participants to connect with researchers, frontline public health and community-based workers, policy makers, people living with HIV and AIDS and others interested in the field of HIV research.

CAHR2014 was co-chaired by Drs. Michael Grant and Debbie Kelly, from Memorial University.  View the full story.


CAHR 2014 Theme: Turning the Tide on HIV

Human immunodeficiency virus broke the species barrier to establish a local foothold in the human population about 100 years ago. In less than a century, it swelled through widening, deepening and ever more interconnected channels to grow into a worldwide pandemic. Despite its extensive reach, new means to block and even drain channels transmitting HIV loom mistily on the horizon. The time has come to turn the tide on HIV. Preventative vaccines, treatment as prevention and HIV eradication offer new supports to buoy the social and other programs that will curb, control, and eventually end the HIV pandemic. CAHR2014  highlighted recent efforts in all streams to limit the spread of HIV, simplify treatment and make eradication a realistic goal.



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