President’s Message

The Canadian Association for HIV Research (CAHR) uniquely brings together the full diversity of Canada’s research community. Its 2000+ members include HIV/AIDS researchers and stakeholders active in all disciplines, themes, sectors and regions of Canada.

CAHR has undergone rapid change and expansion over the last several years. Our growth is providing us with exciting opportunities to expand our support to our members, through increasing investment in educational workshops, funding opportunities for young researchers, developing policy/research papers, and of course, our Annual Canadian Conference on HIV/AIDS Research.

CAHR is your association: our new five-year strategic plan aims to put CAHR members firmly in the driver’s seat. Our first step was to post the draft plan for consultation, so we could start identifying our full community’s needs and priorities. Over the next five years, CAHR’s goal is to build the research training and knowledge sharing activities, tools and resources that our members most need as they strive to improve Canada’s HIV/AIDS outcomes.

We invite you to check out our new Strategic Plan, if you haven’t yet done so. Then come and connect with CAHR Council and staff, help establish new working groups, and build the plans for how we will deliver on CAHR’s objectives for 2014-2019:

What will CAHR achieve by 2019?

1. CAHR will become a member-driven organization
2. CAHR trainees will have a demonstrable competitive advantage over other trainees
3. Shared research challenges and professional development needs will be addressed more quickly and effectively though CAHR fora
4. CAHR will continue to demonstrate strengthened organizational capacity, governance, financial soundness and partnerships

Canada is fortunate to have a diverse HIV/AIDS community, with many organizations sharing the common goal of improving health outcomes through research. We are constantly seeking ways we can better communicate, connect and build on each other’s efforts: we will achieve the goals of our new strategic plan through strengthened partnership and collaboration. We are therefore grateful to CAHR’s key partners for their significant contributions to the development of this plan: the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR); the CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network (CTN); the CHVI Research and Development Alliance Coordinating Office (ACO); and the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (CANFAR)

I look forward to working with you!







Dr. Bob Hogg
CAHR President